Aye Family - 1750 to Present

In about 1750, Henry Aye (or Eh, or Ehe) emigrated to America with an unknown brother. They landed in Philadelphia and settled in Fredericktown, (now Frederick) Maryland and set up a cabinet shop. Soon after 1760 he married and they had a son, Jacob. When Jacob was only 6 months old, Henry died. His mother, whose name is unknown, remarried to a man named Lyda. About 1780, Jacob Aye married Katherine (Catherine?) Dutrow and they had 9 children. Some of the history of the family is known from "The Traditional History of Jacob Aye" which was compiled and published in 1903 by William Swazey Aye in Marion County, Ohio.

The unknown brother story surfaces over and over again, too many times for it not to be true, but no one seems to have heard from him after that. Did the brothers separate and another branch of the family is out there somewhere, or did he perhaps die young and leave no progeny? One of the purposes of this web page is the hope that someone knows the answer to this mystery. Another is that I'd like to share the information I have with other family members. Any info on the lost brother or anything else Aye? Contact me here.

More information on the Aye family can be found here on Larry McCumber's Aye family page. You can reach Larry with info here. Larry and I (we are third cousins) met through the Aye message board on www.familyhistory.com. I have also met several other cousins through the board, and we are all happy to share whatever information we find. Well, let's be honest...Aye is not the most common surname in the world so when you find another one, they are probably related somehow!

Note: The couple in the photograph in the banner graphic above are John Henry (Henry) and Selina Allen Cook Aye. The photo was taken on their wedding day, March 3, 1886. They were my great grandparents. I never knew Henry but I was born on Selina's 90th birthday and do have memories of her.

I am also reasearching my mother's family. Her father was Clarence Franklin Hudson, of Emporia, Kansas. His parents were Lulu Lee Crowley and Mathias Hudson of Kansas, the Council Grove and Erie or Buffalo areas, but originally from Ohio. Mathias' father was named John and his mother Tabitha or Tobreatta. Any information anyone has on that branch of the family would be greatly appreciated as well.

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Updated on October 25, 1999

Sara Aye Froehlich