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How To: Images from a Digital Camera or Card Reader into Adobe Bridge

by Sara Froehlich

Did you know you can use Adobe Bridge to import your digital photos directly from your camera or card reader? You can, and here’s how!
You can import your media files from your camera or card reader into Adobe Bridge in a few easy steps.

Step 1. Connect your media card reader or camera to your computer. It must appear as a drive or volume on your computer for this procedure to work.



Step 2. Open Adobe Bridge.

Step 3. If you want to file the new photos in a specific folder, click the Folders tab, browse to the location where you want to store your images, and create a new folder in which to store the photos. If you wish, click the Favorites tab and drag the new folder into the Favorites palette. This will make is easy it easy to find the folder later.

Step 4. Click the Folders tab and browse to the camera or card reader drive with your new photos. Select the images you wish to import into the Bridge. Make sure you can see the destination folder in either the Favorites palette or the Folders palette. Drag the images to the destination folder, and drop them in.



Step 5. If your media card reader or camera appears as a volume on your desktop, you can also drag the image file from the volume into Bridge.

Step 6. Add keywords to the photos and you’re done!

A few seconds when downloading images from your camera or card reader can save a lot of time layer when you are searching for a special photo.

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