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Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0


Changing the icon that displays in the start bar in Windows

Instructions for Mac OSX users

One complaint I am hearing over and over on several different groups devoted to Photoshop Elements I belong to is that the new icon is too softly colored. We loved our bright yellow sunflower that let us choose the Elements icon from the start bar at a glance. There are programs that will actually change the icon included in the program file. If you use one of those, let me caution you that you are CHANGING THE EXECUTBLE that opens Elements. If you do that, you may cause the executable to break and you won't be able to use Elements. There is a way to change this safely, without touching your PSE exe file by changing the icon on a shortcut to the program.Here's how to change it to something brighter!

Go to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 3.0 where Elements is installed.



You will need to be able to see the file extensions, so if you have not previously done this, you will have to go to Tools > Folder Options in the menu and choose the View Tab.

In the Advanced settings area, choose Files and Folders. Under Hidden files and Folders, tick the box beside Show Hidden Files and Folders. Click OK.

Now lLook for the file called Photoshop Elements 3.0.exe and highlight it (don't double click or you will just open Elements.)  Mine is in list view. You may see icons rather than just names, like you see here with mine, but the name of the file will be the same.



Right click on the file and choose Create Shortcut.



Windows makes a shortcut and places it at the end of the file list, so you will have to scroll the window to see it.



Right click on the shortcut and choose properties.



When the properties box opens, click the Shortcut tab, and click the Change Icon button. It's at the bottom of the page.

shortcut tab


In the next dialog you can see all of the icons associated with this file, and as you can see, there is only one to choose! Click Browse.



When you click the Browse button, a browse window will open. Navigate to C:\Windows\system 32 and click once on shell32.dll.  There are more icons you can use for windows shortcuts in this file and they will be shown in the list window.

Choose one by highlighting it (granted there aren't a lot of choices but if you are windows savvy you can download more icons from various places on the net and use them as well). I chose the tree.  Click OK.



You should be back at the shortcut tab of properties. Click OK again to apply your new icon.



You can ctrl + C to copy this shortcut and paste )ctrl + V) it on your desktop for easy access, you can drag a copy to the Quick Launch bar and drop it there to add it to the Quick Launch bar, or you can add it to your Start Menu by following these steps:

Right click on the shortcut and choose Pin to Start Menu.

pin to start menu


Press the Start button to open the Start Menu. There's your new icon for Elements 3.0.


It is kind of long and you may not see all of it but we can change that too. Right click on this new shortcut and choose Rename.



I named mine PS Elements 3. Now you can open from the Start Menu or add the new shortcut to your Quick Launch bar.

icon done!

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Mac OSX users

Many thanks to Cydne for these instructions:

Make an alias (shortcut) of the program icon by selecting it and pressing Command/L.

With the alias selected, press Command/I to bring up an Info box showing the icon.

Select the icon you want to change to and press Command/I to bring up its Info box.

Select the icon within the Info box and press Command/C to copy

Go to the Photoshop Info box and select the current Elements 3.0 icon.

Press Command/V to Paste. And you're done.


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Want to learn more?

Take my PSE 3: Get Up to Speed class at Eclectic Academy!

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