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GoLive Basics: Getting started with GoLive CS


Adobe GoLive CS is the newest version of Adobe's WYSIWYG web authoring program. WYSIWYG stands for "What you see is what you get", allowing you to create great web pages without any coding knowledge. You can purchase GoLive as part of the Adobe Creative Suite, or standalone. It works by letting you drag and drop objects onto your page, watching the page build as you do so. This set of beginner tutorials is designed to teach the basics of GoLive and have you making your own web pages in no time.

If you want interactive sites with rollovers and javascript, that's no problem with GoLive. You don't have to know javascript to make them. GoLive does it for you. You can start a page from scratch or use one of the templates that ship with GoLive, and when you learn more about the program, you can create sites with Flash, interactivity, and even dynamic content. Save time by using templates, libraries and components.

The great thing about GoLive is you don't just use it to create web pages: it also is a web site management tool, letting you create and organize entire sites and even update the whole site with the click of a mouse. With it's powerful Find and Replace feature, finding and changing all instances of text, a graphic, a color, or even whole blocks of source code is a snap. Use it's FTP features to upload your site to the server without ever leaving GoLive!

Click next to go to the first tutorial. They should be completed in order. These tutorials cover only the basics, and to get the most out of the program, I recommend taking the GoLive Course at Eclectic Academy. The site we will be creating in these tutorials is designed to display homework assignments, but can easily be adapted to your own needs.

One thing to note: I have had numerous crashes with GoLive CS for Windows, usually at the most inopportune times (like I haven't saved for a while, or even the real killer, I haven't saved at all). While any program can crash, this seems to be a real problem with GoLive CS so you would be well advised to be very careful and save OFTEN!

If you are a Dreamweaver user moving to GoLive, check the  GoLive for Dreamweaver Users: Making the Transition page to help pave the way.

This set of tutorials was written for Adobe GoLive CS. I know there have been significant changes since GoLive 6, and I will note them when I know them, however, I don't have that version, so checking what's different will be limited to the reference books I have and the Web. These tutorials were written for GoLive CS for Windows, and all screenshots and keyboard shortcuts will be from Windows. In most cases the actions will be the same for Macintosh users, but you will need to substitute the appropriate Macintosh keys for the Windows ones. If you see "ctrl", substitute "cmd", and if you see "alt", substitute "option". This is not a complete list, but will get you started.

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GoLive for Dreamweaver Users: Making the Transition

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