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Getting Started with GoLive CS

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Getting started


GoLive starsFirst of all, I am writing this short series of tutorials for my students who are using GoLive and need to know how to put together a web page to display their homework. Therefore, since most of the classes I teach are graphic related, the pages I'll teach you to build will be an index page which will contain links to the assignment pages for each of the six weeks of lessons.

Because we are creating a small web site with 8 pages, and the goal is to get you up and running fast, this will not be a tutorial like those of you who have taken my classes have come to expect. Rather than explaining every tool and palette we will talk about the ones we need to use as we use them. For comprehensive lessons in GoLive, Eclectic Academy offers online classes in GoLive. I recommend this series of classes wholeheartedly! The classes cost $20 for a six week course and run six times a year. Enroll here! If you aren't sure what an online class is and how it works, read What is an online class?

Open the program from the Windows start menu or the icon on your desktop.


HTML: what is it and why do I need to know?


First of all, what is html? HTML is short for hypertext markup language, a coding language that you write to tell the server how to display a web page in a browser. The W3C (Word Wide Web Consortium) is working to standardize the language, and someday if we are lucky, browser manufacturers will do the same. You are probably aware that there are numerous browsers you can use to surf the web and view these web pages. Unfortunately each of these browsers may view a page a little differently and that's one of the things you have to be aware of when creating a web page or a whole site. Some of these browsers are Internet Explorer, which is used by most people probably because it's already on their computer when they purchase it. I find Mozilla more full featured and with the tabbed browsing a far superior browser to IE. Another alternative I like is Opera, which also has tabbed browsing. If you are a macintosh user you may be familiar with Safari. Whichever you use, choose the one with features that you want and need, but don't forget that others are using different browsers and you would be well-advised to have others installed to use for checking pages to see how they will look on someone else's computer. That's a bit ahead of where we are now, since all we have done so far is open GoLive, and it will be addressed later in the series of tutorials, but I wanted you to be aware of the facts.


Web Page vs Web Site


You have heard the terms web page and web site mentioned, so what's the difference? A web site is composed of more than one page, and sometimes thousands. A web page is but one page in a web site. To start you off we will work on a single page so you can get used to where everything is in GoLive and how to accomplish tasks like adding an image, and then move on to create a site later in the series of tutorials.


Welcome Screen


When you first launch GoLive, in the center of the GoLive work area you will see a Welcome Screen similar to other Adobe CS products. From here you can create a new page or site, or open an existing page or site to work on. We will be choosing to build a new site, but when you're working on your own, if you don't want to make a choice at the time click the Close button at the bottom of the window. If you don't ever want to see the Welcome Screen again, check the Show This Dialog at Startup box at the bottom left side of the window.

Welcome screen

When working in GoLive, you really should always work with a Site. A site will contain all of the files needed for the pages, and if you change something, all files in the site can be automatically updated. So while you can work on a single page in GoLive, for this series of tutorials we will create a site and add the pages using another method, a Site Diagram.

With that in mind, click the New Site icon. Go to part 2 to see how to create the site. 

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