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Adding images


Adding images can be accomplished several ways. We will look at one way in this tutorial. Usually when you work on your page you will already have saved some images you want included. I prepared a title image for my Class Homework index page and I saved it in a folder.

To use it on my page I will have to import it to the GoLive site.

To import images you have created, in the Site window, double click on the Images folder we made earlier to open it and right click a blank area in the site window. (It will all be blank unless you have previously added images.)

Choose Add Images, and browse to where the images are stored. If you have more than one image prepared, you can add them all now by control + clicking on the file names to add non-consecutive images or shift + clicking on the file names to add consecutive images. Click open and the images are added to the site.

Note that GoLive COPIES the images to the GoLive site folders, rather than moving them. The originals remain in the folder you originally saved them to. I now have an image called class_logo.jpg in my file ready to add to the page.


import images


Here comes the easiest part of GoLive: Drag and Drop!

To make positioning of the image easy, in the index page. Place your cursor before your headline text, and press enter one time to move the text down a line.

Position the Site window and the page so you can see them both, and click on the image, and drag it to the page.


Add images


When you see the + sign, drop the image onto the page. It's that easy. You have added your first image to a web page.


class logo


To center the image, with it selected in the document window (select it by clicking on it with the mouse), click the same center justify button you used for the headline earlier.

Go to the next page to see how to use the Inspector to set options for the images you add.

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