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Adding text links


On the index page we will need to link to the six lesson pages we made at the beginning of the tutorial when we did our site diagram. When the links are added your web page viewer can click on the link and be taken to that lesson.

If your cursor is at the end of the paragraph we typed earlier, press Enter to start a new line and type:

Lesson 1 | Lesson 2 | Lesson 3 | Lesson 4 | Lesson 5 | Lesson 6

You can use any spacer you wish between the different links (they aren't links yet but they will be soon.) With the cursor on the line you just typed, press the center justification button in the tool bar to center the text.

You should have something like this now:


Links text


Use the mouse to highlight the text Lesson 1. Once again position the Site window and your index file so you can see both of them. In the inspector, hover the mouse over the target and the tool tip will read Fetch URL.


Fetch URL


Click on that target, and drag it to the file called lesson1.html in the Site window. The name of the targeted file, in this case lesson1.html, appears in the target window so you know you have chosen the correct file. Release the mouse button to complete the link.


fetch the url


The target box lets you tell the browser where to open this new page, in another window or even Quick Time or Real Player. For this exercise we want the page to open in the same browser window so we will not change anything.

Notice that Lesson 1 has become a link. To test it, you can click on the preview tab. The link is active and will open the page. However, it is blank since you haven't added anything to it, so you won't see much yet. Click the Layout tab to go back to the page you are working on.

Do the same for the other 5 lesson links, and link each of them using the Fetch URL target to their respective pages. You now have six active links on your page.


Links made


Feel free to add any more text you wish to describe your class, your work, or yourself. You can add more links too. A link to the school where you are taking your class is always appreciated!

Go to the next page to see how to add image links.

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