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Adding copyright info


 Copyrighting your work is a good idea. Your work is really copyrighted to you anyway without you doing anything, but it is a good reminder to others that it is copyrighted, and there are many people who think that if that copyright symbol and information is not on the bottom of the page, it means it isn't copyrighted and is fair game for borrowing or copying and do not even realize that to copy anyone's work without permission is plagiarism.

Place the cursor at the bottom of the page under your logo image, and type ©2004 Your name and any other info you want, such as contact info to ask your permission to use your work.

If you do not know how to type the copyright symbol, if you use windows, hold the ALT key and press 0169 on the numeric keypad. (If you use a laptop and don't have a numeric keypad, it is a bit more complex. Click here for instructions.) If you use a mac computer, the key combination is option+G. This works for WYSIWYG html editors such as GoLive and Dreamweaver and it also will work almost anywhere you can type: Word, Word Perfect, MS Works, Notepad and so on.

To insert the copyright symbol using the Code view of GoLive or when hand-coding a page you can use © 2004 Your Name and in the Layout view it will look like this: ©2004 Your Name

Usually these letters are smaller that the other letters on the page, and may also be italicized, or a different color.  Click before the copyright symbol and drag the cursor across the letters to highlight them. In the toolbar at the top of the window, you can center the text by clicking the center justify button, or justify it right or left the same way.

With the text still selected, you can click the I to italicize, and choose a color with the color popup menu. This is a complex menu as you can see, and won't be covered here. The windows color palette is chosen in this screenshot, and there are others, including a handy one that contains recently used colors, to choose from as well.





 Document Statistics


One thing you need to be aware of is page size. All of the text and every image you add to the page adds more to it's size. If you use tables for layout they also add to the size of the page. To keep an eye on the size, you can go to Special > Document Statistics to see the total size of the page, how much is html, how much is images, a word count, and the approximate download time at different speeds:


document statistics



Previewing your pages


At any time, you can click the Preview tab in the document window to see how your page will look in a web browser. This is not always completely accurate though, so you might wish to preview in a real browser.

To set up the browser so you can invoke it from within GoLive, go to Edit > Preferences > Browsers, and either click Add to browse to the browsers on your system, or click Find All to let GoLive find them. Find All can take a long time though so you might be better off to just add them yourself if you know where they are installed.




Live Rendering gives you the ability to make changes and it reflects changes made automatically. Check Live Rendering if you want to preview in a Live Rendering window rather than a browser. 

Only check the browsers you want to work with the Preview in Browser button on the toolbar, but be aware that every browser you check will open a preview every time you click the button. For this reason it's best to choose one here. The icon for your chosen browser will be in the toolbar. I use Firefox, so the Firefox icon is in the toolbar.


Preview in browser

You can also choose the browser to use for the preview by going to File > Preview in >  and choosing the browser you want to use. Because pages will appear differently in different browsers, it's a good idea to preview the page in several different ones.


 choose browser


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