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Getting started with GoLive CS

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Uploading to the server


The left pane of the Site window is your computer and those files listed in the window are on your hard drive. On the right, in the Publish Server window will be the files on the server. Right now it is empty.

Shift-click to select all of the files and the images folder in the left pane. Drag them to the right pane and drop them.

Drag the files and drop in the Publish server window


You will see a progress bar for each file.


 progress bar



When the upload is completed you will have files on the right side of the Site Window. That's it! These files are now on the web server, ready to view by anyone on the internet.


 on server



Now is when you need to know the URL of yur page so you can view it on the internet. Type the address into your browser and check out your work!




This tutorial is by no means comprehensive. There is no way all of the features of this program could be covered in a short set of tutorials like this. Hopefully though it will give you a start with this program and allow you to publish your homework each week.

Madeline Jacobs teaches a class in GoLive at Eclectic Academy. For more in depth learning of this program, I recommend her class. For other GoLive related information see the GoLive Links page.


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GoLive for Dreamweaver Users: Making the Transition

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