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Getting Startd with GoLive CS

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Creating a Site in GoLive


In part 1 of the tutorial you clicked New Site, and the New Site Wizard will have opened. Choose Single User and then click the Next button at the bottom right side of the Wizard. Single user is for a person who will be working on the web page on their own computer and will not be sending the pages to others to work on.


Choose Single User


The next screen you see with be Options for Local Sites. On this screen choose Blank Site. Read the description beside each of the choices. If you have already made a web site with another editor you can even import it into GoLive. But since we are starting from scratch, we need a Blank Site to work on.


Choose Blank Site


Naming the new site: Specify a unique name for your site and the folder it will be contained in.


Naming the new site


Site Location: tell GoLive where on your hard drive you wish to store the new site. Either type in the path, or click the Browse button to choose the location for the site files.


Site Location


Click the Advanced button. I like to have Make URLs Case-sensitive checked. To comply with W3C standards, you should select both URL encoding options.


Advanced Options


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