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Looking at the Site Window


The site window opens in GoLive and contains a blank index.html file already created for you.


Classroom site


If you look in the folder where you told GoLive to store your new site, you will see GoLive has also created several folders where GoLive will store all of the information, images, and pages you create for this site.


Site folders


The site window is split into two parts with tabs across the top of both. If you click the Extras tab on the far right of the right window, you will find that GoLive has created some places to store objects for your web site. This is actually the contents of the web-data folder you saw above.


Extras tab


Naming conventions


On the left side of the window, where you can see the index.html file listed, is actually the contents of the web-content folder you saw above. (You can tell you are viewing the content of this folder if you look under the Files tab: note that it says /ClassHomework/web-content). I like to organize my site so I can easily find images and content, so I always make an images folder.

Keep in mind that since some servers are case sensitive, you should use only lower case letters when naming your folders and files. If you always use lowercase when naming you will avoid mistakes that cause 404's when the pages are stored on case sensitive servers. Another thing to avoid is blank spaces. Some servers have trouble reading them and some refuse to accept them at all. If you want to divide a name to make it clearer, use an underscore. In other words, naming a folder images_before is OK, but naming it images before is not. Using good naming conventions is a good habit to develop from the very first web page you make!

To make a new folder, right click in a blank area of the left half of the site window, and choose New, then New Folder.


New folder


Your new folder appears in the list. Type the name for the folder and press Enter. When you create images for the site, you can save them to this folder. You can also store images somewhere else on your hard drive and import them to this folder. When you do this, Golive copies the images to the folder you specify in the site, but it doesn't move the originals.


name the new folder


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