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Finishing the Diagram


Notice that as each page is highlighted a small button appears on it's lower right. This is a drag and drop target, allowing you to set links to pages by simply clicking on the target and dragging it to the page icon for the page you want to link to. We will be linking the index to each of the six lesson pages.

Click on index.html to select it, and then click it's target and drag to each of the six page icons and drop it. It will be a black line as seen on the lesson6.html in the image below until you drop it , when it will turn into a blue arrow.


Drag and drop targets to creat links


These arrows when selected will have a small blue square in the center of the line. Click and drag this blue square to curve the arrows and get them out of the way so you can see the diagram clearly. I have already moved the other lines where I want them.


move the arrow


Here's the lesson6.html arrow moved up and out of the way. Now you can see we have the index linked to all six pages.


Arrow moved


Go to part 7 to see how to make the diagram pages a part of your site.

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