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Submitting the Diagram


Look at the site window and you'll see we still have the same index file and images folder as before. This is because until we submit the diagram to the site, it's only a diagram, and not really a part of the site. To submit the diagram, click on the site options to open the menu and choose Submit All.


Submit the diagram


Now look at the site window and you will see that the pages are now listed in the site. They're all blank, waiting for your input.


files have been created


We already had a file called index.html that was created when we made the blank site, and now there is another one called index1.html. This file can be deleted by pressing the delete key on your keyboard while the file is highlighted.


extraneous file


In the diagram the pages all have a small icon beside them that looks like a radio tower. This means they're live and ready to be edited.


live file


Let's name the diagram. By default it's named untitled, so we can give it a more descriptive name. In the Site window, click the Diagrams tab, then click the diagram name. Give it a new name and press Enter.


name the diagram

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