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Getting started with GoLive CS

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The document window


Double click on the file called index.html in the site window. It will open in GoLive ready for editing, and will have it's own window.  Even the document window has tabs. The default tab (which can be changed in preferences if you desire after learning your way around GoLive) is the Layout Tab. When the layout tab is open and you are seeing the page in layout view, you can use drag and drop to add elements to the page. There is also a Frames Tab for documents that use frames, a Source Tab to view and edit the HTML source code, a Preview tab that shows what the page will look like in a browser, and PDF Preview tab that shows what the page will look like exported as an Adobe PDF file.


Document window


Document title bar: The name of the active page will be displayed here and if it has an asterisk beside the name that indicates it has been edited, but the changes haven't been saved.

Properties: The properties section at the far right of the window has icons that will open Page properties, the Javascript editor, the Timeline (new to CS) and the CSS editor.


Title your page


The first thing you should always do is title your page. Just under the tabs is an arrow that opens the head contents; and to the right of it is the title. Right now it says Untitled Page. Click on the words Untitled Page and you can type in a new name. Press Enter to set the new title.


Untitles Page add title


Adding content


There are so many ways to add content we can't begin to cover them in a short tutorial like this. The first thing we will do is add some text. Click once in the document window and you should see an I-beam cursor. Type "My Class Homework" where "My Class" is the name of the class you're taking.


type test


Look at the tool bar at the top of the program window just under the menu bar, and you will see type options. The type needs a tag to tell GoLive how big to make it: default is paragraph, but if you use the popup menu you will find more choices. On this document this is how they appear, but yours may appear in a different font, depending on what you have set for the default font.


Headings and paragraphs


Notice that the higher the number, the smaller the font. You may be familiar with this concept if you use Word or Word Perfect, or any page layout software that uses styles.

Go to the next page to see how to set the size of the text --->>>

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