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Setting the size of your text


Place the cursor anywhere in the line that says My Class Homework. Header tags affect the entire line so you can put the cursor anywhere to apply the heading. In the toolbar, choose Header 1 and the formatting is instantly applied.


Header 1 Header 1


The source code for this line will look like this if you were to view the page in source mode: <H1>My Class Homework</H1>

Tags are enclosed in less than-greater than brackets.  These characters are found on the comma and period key on your keyboard. This tells the browser that between these brackets are instructions to be followed in the way it renders the following item.

All tags have an opening tag to tell the browser where to start following these instructions, and a closing tag to tell it when to stop following directions.

The <H1> at the beginning of the text tells your browser to render the following as Heading 1 size text.  This is the opening tag.

The </H1> at the end looks similar, but notice the / before H1. That / (slash) tells the browser that this is a closing tag, and it should stop following the directions contained in the previous opening tag now. In this case the directions say "Show this text as header 1 size text." The closing tag means "Stop showing this text in header 1 size."

If you were to leave off the closing tab, the rest of the page would be rendered in the header sized text. Forgetting closing tags can wreak a lot of havoc with your page design, and it is also one thing GoLive will always remember to do for you.


Center the headline


We can center the headline using the justification in the toolbar. Look next to where you chose the heading size. Click the "center" button and your heading instantly jumps to the center of the page.

center the headline

Centered headline


Add more text


Press enter to move to the next line and type an introduction or any comments you want to make about your page. For instance, "As part of a never-ending quest for knowledge, I am taking an online course! I will be posting my assignments on this page."

Since the last thing we did was make a headline and center it, GoLive thinks we want to do another one: 




To fix this, go back up to the toolbar and change Header 1 to Paragraph, and click the left alignment button. It's to the left of the center alignment button you clicked before. The text changes to paragraph size and moves to the left of the page. A paragraph is denoted in the source by <p></p> tags. Everything between these opening and closing tags will be shown as paragraph text.




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