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Text on a Path

Everyone wants to know how to get text to go on the top and bottom of a circle in Illustrator. Here's how!

Step 1: Draw a circle.


Step 2: Choose the path text tool from the text flyout.


Step 3: In the paragraph palette (Window > Type > Paragraph or control + M) set the justification to centerand click on the top center of the circle to set the center of the type.


Step 4: Type the top text.


Step 5: Draw a second circle identical tothe first. Repeat steps 2 and 3 andthen type the text you want to appear on the bottom of the circle.


Step 6. Change to the selection tool (black arrow) and grab the I-bar with it and drag it around to the bottom of the circle. This can be tricky! It may take several tries, but it does work!

Or double click the I bar and the text flips inside the circle. Then you can drag it where you want it.


Step 7: In the Character palette, set thebaseline shift to a negative number so the words move outside the circle. Click the down arrow and watch the words as you do to get it in position.



Step 8: Drag the second new circle of text on top of the original one and align them horizontally and vertically using the align palette. Group them.

That's it! See? It is easy!



Download this tutorial as a PDF file

(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view)

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June 5, 2002

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