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Autumn in Minnesota

Red Jacket Trestle

Minnesota in the autumn is a bright canvas of colors and textures, and one of the best places to see them is hiking in the woods. These photos were all taken in Minnesota, at various places. Minnesota has many parks and public lands available for hiking, biking, camping, X-country skiing, or just sitting and thinking. This was taken a few miles from my home along the Red Jacket Trail.

Path along Seven Mile Creek

A path along Seven Mile Creek was the setting for this photo. The reds are sumac, usually the first to turn and one of the last to fall, providing color for several weeks. The woods here are largely diciduous and most of these leaves will have fallen in a few days. The path is already littered with birch leaves, and some oak and maple leaves.

Wading in Seven Mile CreekSeven Mile Creek Park is a large area with lots of hiking trails and of course, Seven Mile Creek, which is named not for it's length but it's location...the park is about seven miles north of Mankato on Hwy 169. There are 8 loops, covering a variety of terrain, up and down steep inclines and over rocks and tree roots. some are woodchip covered so not so great for biking but good for hiking.

This picture is very deceiving, as it looks so calm and serene. Shortly before this photo was taken we got caught in a cloud burst several miles back into the woods. Wet leaves and mud can be very slippery. Laundry anyone?

The next pages are many photos we have taken around Minnesota on our hikes and travels. They are presented as thumbnails, so to view the large image, click on the thumbnail, and then the back button on your browser to get back to the thumbnail page. I hope you enjoy them and if you decide to visit our state, be sure to bring lots of film!

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