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Canvas 9

ACD Systems

imageCanvas 9, formerly known as Deneba Canvas, is the upgrade Canvas users have been waiting for! As an integrated program, Canvas has always been a pioneer, providing vector, bitmap and page layout capabilities, with complete typography tools, in one neat package. Now it's better than ever!

I've always loved Canvas' tabbed interface. Now it runs faster and it is smarter. With the new Smart toolbox and properties bar, finding what you need fast has never been easier. Canvas integrating of bitmap and vector features is more seamless than ever.

The properties bar is dynamic, changing with the selected tool. Below is a small portion of the text options. The text properties bar not only puts fonts, size, and justification within easy reach, you also can adjust kerning and tracking, as well as the inks for the text and text boxes, and set how the text should be aligned within the text box.


The new Smart toolbox opens flyouts for the tools you need when you need them, and they stay open for easy access until you change tools.


New features also include an attributes palette and new Crop and Scale options to adjust image resolution and proportion in a single operation.

attributes palette


The attributes palette puts inks at your fingertips









I used the new version 9 Professional about 10 minutes before I decided I no longer need version 8! When I upgraded to Canvas 8 from 7, I found myself returning to 7 again and again. It ran faster for me. Not this time...version 8, move over! There's a new Canvas in town.

Canvas also is now geared for three distinct user groups: Canvas 9 Professional, Canvas 9 Scientific Imaging (SI) Edition, and Canvas 9 GIS Mapping Edition. To compare the products and see all the new features, read this press release. It's a long one, because there is a lot to cover.

Canvas has one of the best webpages of any company I have seen, full of tips, tutorials, a knowledge base, and user forums. Canvas customer support is unsurpassed, making the complete package even better.

News! I will be offering classes in Canvas Professional at Eclectic Academy in January 2004. Stay tuned to my classes page for information on enrollment.

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