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Shooting Digital: Pro Tips for Taking Great Pictures with Your Digital Camera

imageMedia: Full color book
Author: Mikkel Aaland
Publisher: ©2003 Sybex
ISBN: 0-7821-4104-8
US: $35.00, Canada: $53.00, UK: £25.99



Shooting Digital is full of valuable advice for digital photographers of any level, whether you are just starting to use a digital camera, or a professional switching to a digital workflow. Aaland takes 28 years of experience and passes it on to you. He covers both equipment and techniques. You will learn what to look for when shopping for a digital camera by comparing camera features to the results you need: do you want to do landscape photography, or portrait photography? Are great panoramas important to you? Whatever your needs, Aaland gives advice on the features you should look for to match your own photography needs.

You’ll learn when to use camera settings to get a great shot, or what to do to fix problem shots when you need a software solution. He even gives comparisons on some of the best digital imaging software on the market today, for both editing and organizing.

You’ll learn how to get the pictures into the computer after you shoot. He takes you through creating panoramas, slideshows and getting the photos on the web. You’ll learn to photograph children, animals and even yourself. If you want to learn to set up lighting for studio-like shots---that’s in here too. You’ll even see how to use your digital camera to create animated gifs or mini-movies.

Extreme heat, humidity, and cold take their toll on film, and by using a digital camera Aaland shows you how to get around many of the limitations photographers find using traditional media. He takes you to the depths of the ocean for great shots, and tells you how to get great shots from the sky. Shooting at night presents special problems, and this is covered here too.

If you can buy only one book on digital photography, this should be it!

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