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FreeHand MX (the same version that was included in Studio MX Plus) has been beefed up with new tools, like the extrude tool for adding a 3D look to your vector graphics, and the connector tool to make charts a cinch. The new action tool lets you assign Flash actions from within FreeHand.

Moving closer to a unified Macromedia interface

FreeHand MX has a new user interface that makes FreeHand easier to learn and use if you already use other Macromedia Studio MX products. There are new panel options to let you set up your workspace the way you want it.



Panels now dock together on the right side of your workspace, just like in Fireworks and Dreamweaver.


You can choose what panels dock together, or make a new panel group.

dock together


Panels can be collapsed to keep them out of the way, and expanded only when needed.

collapsed     expanded


Grab the dots on the left side of the panel title bar to pull it away from the docking area and float it on the work area.

tear away panel   floating


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