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Flash MX Learning Studio

CD and Book: Interactive Training
Publisher: ©2002 Sybex
ISBN: 0-7821-4180-3
US: $119.99, Canada: $191.95, UK: £89.99

Think Macromedia Flash MX is over your head? Think again. This course from Sybex is based on the excellent book Flash MX Savvy by Ethan Watrall and Norbert Herber. As a bonus, the book is included with the course. With Quicktime movies, interactive lessons and a fully searchable reference, Flash answers are only a few clicks away. Because learning by doing is the best way to retain what you learn, hands on lessons let you try the techniques as you learn them. For those coming from a static imaging background, as I was, Flash with it's timelines and keyframes can be very intimidating. These interactive lessons with excellent hands on projects will help take the mystery out of Flash MX.

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