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Photoshop Elements 2 Special Effects

Media: CD and Book, color plates
Author: Al Ward
Publisher: ©2003 Wiley
ISBN: 0-7645-2597-2
US: $29.99, Canada: $44.99, UK: £20.95

Al Ward takes Photoshop Elements 2 beyond the boundaries. Are you one of those who got Photoshop Elements with a new scanner, printer or graphics tablet? Did you open it, become immediately intimidated it and closed it, never to tread on unfamiliar ground again? This book is for you. Ward takes you to the toolbox, the heart of Elements, and tells you when and why to use each of them. He teaches you the power of the options bar.

Are you one who has been using Elements since it was installed on your computer? This book is for you too. Ward shows you how to push the limits of Elements to create 3D objects with light and shadows. Who knew a low-end piece of software could do so much? Well, Al Ward did and he shares his secrets with you.

You'll learn shapes, brushes, actions and styles, not to mention what Elements is known for: photo editing and correction. You'll find some of the best effects you will see anywhere in this book. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned user of Elements, this book and CD are well worth the price!


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