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Paint Shop Pro 8 Zero to Hero

PSP 8 Zero to Hero
ISBN: 1590592387
formerly: 1904344267
Authors: Sally Beacham and Ron Lacey
Price: US $24.99
Pages: 300
CD Rom: No
Published: July 2003
Publisher: Friends of Ed

For those discovering Paint Shop Pro for the first time, this book will get you started and take you far beyond most beginner level books. For those who have used Paint Shop Pro for years and are just moving up to version 8, this book will teach you tricks you never knew Paint Shop Pro could do. Just check out the sample chapter to see how far PSP has come. For an inexpensive program, PSP is packed with features that even the big dogs can't boast, and Lacey and Beachum make them all accessible and easy to understand.

Master selections, layers, and masks to utilize the full power of PSP. Use template layouts to create your own photo layouts or business cards. Get started on editing photos and using filters to create special effects. It's all here in one compact package!

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