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40 Digital Photo Retouching Techniques

imageMedia: Full color book and CD
Author: YoungJin
Publisher: ©2003 Sybex
Level: Beginner
ISBN: 89-314-3502-9
US: $16.99, Canada: $25.95, UK: £9.99


This full color book deals with photo retouching in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0, and it doesn't mess around. You start with the obligatory look around the interface and dive into photo corrections and special effects, like adding perspective shadows. This book is obviously for beginners, and the text is easy to understand and doesn't weigh you down with more information that you need or can understand at a beginning level.

It cuts to the chase and tells you how to change eye color, open closed eyes in photos (there's always one in every group shot), and reverse the signs of aging or remove the gap between two front teeth. You will also see how to colorize black and white photos, or create sepia tone images. It also deals with web work: using the Elements Save for Web feature and making a web photo gallery.

For those new to Photoshop Elements, this book offers a good fast start. Once you make it through the 40 techniques offered here you will have used most of Elements tools and be ready to learn more!

The enclosed CD contains a 30 day trial of Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0, and the images in the book so you can work along.

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