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Tips and Tutorials from Northlite Designs

Common Tasks | Photoshop and Elements | Illustrator | Adobe Bridge
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Some of these tutorials are posted on other sites and will open in their own windows.

Tutorials for Common Tasks

Installing Fonts in Windows
Unzipping files with Windows XP
Clearing your Browser Cache
Taking Screenshots in Mac or Windows
Changing Display Properties in Windows
Changing Font Display Size in Windows
Changing Icon Properties on a PC
Changing Screen Resolution in Windows
Adding a Color Profile in Windows XP
Microsoft Word: Adding Hyperlinks to your Documents
Setting Up a Site and Creating a Web Page with Adobe GoLive CS

Photoshop & Photoshop Elements Articles and Tutorials

Demonic Pet Eye? Vanquish it Easily
Photoshop CS2's New History Log Gives Photoshop a Long Memory!
Adobe's Activation Scheme: What to Do if you Get a New Machine
Photoshop: Straightening Images with the Measure Tool
What are Blending Modes?
Previewing Fonts in Older Versions of Photoshop and Elements
Using Illustrator Blends in Photoshop and Elements
Where the heck did they hide the 3D Filter in Photoshop CS???
Missing Help Files?
Images into Type
Creating and Saving Custom Gradients in Photoshop and Elements
Smokin' with PS and Elements
Loading Custom Shapes in Photoshop
Loading Custom Shapes in Photoshop Elements
Photoshop Elements Adjust Color for Skin Tone Command
Photoshop Elements: Putting the Sparkle Back in Eyes
Photoshop Elements 3: Changing the icon that displays in the start bar in Windows
Photoshop Elements 3: Changing the icon that displays in the dock on a Mac
Organizing your Photoshop Filters and Plugins
Opening photos in Elements with iPhoto 8 (Mac only)

Q & A's, Reviews, and Upgrade Guides

Photoshop Elements 5 Q & A
Photoshop Elements 5 Upgrade Guide

Photoshop Elements 4 Q & A
Photoshop Elements 4 Upgrade Guide

Photoshop Elements 3 In-Depth Review
Photoshop Elements 3 Q & A


Tutorials and Articles for Adobe Illustrator

Quick Illustrator Tips
Pattern Brush Anatomy 101 for Illustrator CS and CS2
Scatter Brush Anatomy 101 for Ilustrator CS and CS2
Resizing, Saving and Loading Brushes in Illustrator CS and CS2
Pattern Brush Anatomy 101 for Illustrator 9 and 10
Loading Brush Libraries in Illustrator 9 and 10
Setting Leading in Illustrator
Weaving a Ribbon Through Text in Illustrator
Getting Rid of Overlap in Illustrator
Stroking a Placed Image in Illustrator
Filters vs. Effects: What's the Difference?
Saving Custom Styles in Illustrator
Text on a Path with Illustrator
Creating Tiling Hatches in Illustrator
Creating Brushes with Artlandia SymmetryWorks
Celtic Knot Brushes with Artlandia SymmetryWorks
Using Illustrator Blends with Photoshop and Elements
Using Arlandia SymmetryWorks Filter with Illustrator Paths and Photoshop Styles
Drawing a Pencil in Illustrator
Resizing and Transformation Tricks in Illustrator
Drawing a Paintbrush in Illustrator
Using the Rectangular Grid Tool
Printable Grids in Illustrator 9 and 10

Illustrator Articles and Tutorials written for Designorati:Illustration

Explaining the Illustrator 3D Filter
Mapping Artwork onto 3D Objects with Illustrator
An Explanation of Illustrator’s Blending Modes
Cleaning Up in Illustrator
Compound Shapes, Compound Paths, and the Pathfinder Palette
I Heard it Through the Grapevine
Illustrator Start Up YOUR Way!
More Illustrator Your Way: Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
I’m Bananas for Illustrator’s Gradient Mesh Tool
Illustrator CS3: What’s New? Lots!
Picture Text in Illustrator
Curing Illustrator Ills: Resetting Preferences
When Illustrator's Save for Web Doesn't
Quick Wrinkle Flowers in Illustrator
Adobe's Activation Scheme: What to do if you Get a New Computer
Free Halloween Symbols to Spice Up Your Designs

Illustrator Tutorials and Articles written for

Using Save for Web in Illustrator
Interlocking Hearts in Illustrator
St. Patrick's Day Shamrocks in Illustrator and an Introduction to Gradient Mesh
Creating Scatter and Pattern Brushes in Illustrator CS
Decorating Easter Eggs in Illustrator
3D Easter Eggs in Adobe Illustrator
Basic Text Effects with Gradients, Patterns and Brush Strokes in Illustrator
Shattered Text in Illustrator
Multiple Strokes on Type in Illustrator
Creating a Popup Gift Box in Illustrator
Drawing a Wineglass in Illustrator
Halloween Trio: How to Draw a Bat, Witch's Hat, and Ghosts in Adobe Illustrator
Using Live Trace in Illustrator CS2
Drawing a Clock Face in Illustrator
Creating a Popup Gift Box in Illustrator
Halloween Party Invitations
Christmas Placecards with Christmas Lights, Holly, and Christmas Trees
Text on a Circle in Illustrator CS3

Illustrator Symbols

Free St. Patrick's Day Symbols for Adobe Illustrator (posted on
Free Halloween Symbols for Adobe Illustrator (posted on
Spoooky Halloween Symbols Right-click and choose Save Target As to download


Tutorials and Articles for Adobe Bridge

Importing Digital Images from your Camera or Memory Card into Adobe Bridge

Tutorials and Articles for CorelDRAW

CorelDraw X3 Review
Setting Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in CorelDRAW
Using Blends and Combine for Eye-catching Designs in CorelDRAW X3


Tutorials and Articles for Xara Xtreme

Review: Xtreme Versatility and Xtreme Value are a Winning Combination
Using the Xara Xtreme Picture Editor
Xara Xtreme's Live Effects
Using the Bevel Tool in Xara Xtreme
Xara Xtreme Blend Tool Basics
Xara Takes on the Giants with Xara Xtreme for Linux and Mac

Tutorials and Articles for The Gimp

Fast and Easy Filmstrip Effect in the Gimp
The Gimp: An Image Editor for Everyone


Tutorial for Adobe GoLive CS

GoLive for Dreamweaver users: Making the Transition: A few tips to help you make the move from Dreamweaver to GoLive
Adobe GoLive CS: Building and uploading your first web page This is a 19 part tutorial that takes you from defining a site all the way through building a simple web page and using GoLive to upload it to the internet

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