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Opening Zip files in Windows XP and Vista

The tutorial was written for XP, but this also works in Windows Vista.

Step 1. For students: Go to the class download page and locate the zip file at the bottom of the page. It will be with the lesson links. For anyone else: Right click the zip file you want to download.



Step 2. A menu will open. Right click menus are called context menus and they are dynamic meaning they are different depending on the item you clicked on. You will also have different choices depending on what you use as a browser:

Firefox: Right click Save Link As
Internet Explorer: Save Target As
Mozilla: Save Link Target As
Opera: Save Target As
Netscape: Save Link Target As

Click the appropriate entry and download the file. It should ask you where you want it to put the file, so pay close attention to where it is placed.

Step 3. Once the file is downloaded, find it and right click on the zip file again only this time:

1. Choose Open with

2. In the menu that opens, choose Compressed (Zipped) folders



Step 4. A window will open and you can see what is in the zip file, but you can't use it this way. You have to expand, unzip, decompress, or extract it. All of those words mean the same thing in this case: it is in the zip file, and you can't use it until you get it out of the zip file. To do this click the Extract All Files link on the left.



Step 4. A dialog box opens. Click Next.



Step 5. Choose where you want your computer to put the file. If you are a student, I suggest the same folder you have all of your lesson images so you can find it when you need it for the lesson. Then click Next.



Step 6. The file will be extracted where you told the computer to place it. You will get a dialog box telling you the extraction was complete, and where it is. If you check the box that says Show extracted files, it will even open the folder for you. Click the Finish button and you can now use the files.



Here it is, unzipped, extracted, decompressed, or whatever term you prefer all ready for use:



Unzipping the file is done, and so is this tutorial. If you want more tutorials, visit my tutorial page for tutorials on Photoshop, Illustrator, Expression and more.


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